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Don’t Drive With a Apple Watch On

This week, Acklam Car Centre wanted to take the time to warn you not to drive with an Apple Watch on, after discovering that experts think doing so could be harmful.

Don’t Look at Your Phone and Drive

Through our work as a provider of top quality second hand vehicles to drivers across the North-East of England, Acklam Car Centre has seen the impact that smartphones have had on the driving population of the UK.

As smartphones and mobiles in general have become more popular, people have become more obsessed with them, even using them so much that they do it whilst they’re driving. This causes accidents and has been made illegal. Things could now be going the same way with Smart Watches.

What is an Apple Watch?

Recently, Apple unveiled the long (and we do mean long) awaited iPhone 6, and when they did they surprised the world, by unveiling the rumoured, but mysterious Apple Watch as Well.

Apple Watch

Essentially, it’s kind of like a smart phone you can wear on your wrist. According to Yahoo News UK, the watch issues regular updates from internet services, apps and the mobile phone of the user. Quite distracting, which is why the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) have taken the time to suggest people turn them off when driving.

This Could Significantly Impair Driving Performance

The Group said in a statement that “the latest piece of wearable technology from Apple will allow users to make and receive calls, check their messages and monitor their health by operating the device on their wrists. However, the IAM warns that this could significantly impair driving performance – being a major cause for distraction and road accidents.”

They went on to suggest that “constant alerts will require motorists’ regular attention,” and that “As opposed to using a legal hands-free piece of equipment the Apple Watch will require drivers to use two hands to operate the device – impacting speed, lane position and time spent looking at the road.”

Stay Focused on the Road

A damning argument, which is why Acklam Car Centre agrees that you should not use your Apple Watch and drive. More importantly though, this really does remind us that when you are driving, you shouldn’t let anything distract you, to ensure you stay safe on the road.

Six Points for Using a Phone

Acklam Car Centre has learned that plans are under-way to increase the amount of points gained on your licence for driving while using a mobile phone.


The current punishment for driving while using your mobile phone is a fine and three points but ministers are actively trying to increase the penalty to six points. This comes as a serious statement of intent from ministers who are trying to underline how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving.

In 2013 alone, 23 people lost their lives because of incidents involving using a phone when driving.

mobile phone

The new more severe penalty could mean that drivers how have committed the offence twice in three years could expect to completely lose their licence. A new driver would lose their licence over just one offence.

Recent research has been carried out that suggests using a mobile phone when driving can be more dangerous than the effects of drink driving. Sending a text while driving is said to reduce a driver’s reaction time by 37% and making a phone call by 46%. Cannabis was found to slow reactions by 21% and drinking at the legal limit 13%.

Police Commissioner

The new government action was encouraged by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who said: ‘If I was able tomorrow, I would say you get six points for driving while using a phone. The problem at the moment is we are dishing out lots of tickets, somebody gets three points and they have got another three chances.’

Monitoring groups such as the RAC are not convinced that new legislation will have the desired effect and would have called for alternative measures to support the drive to reduce the culture of using a phone while driving.

Acklam Car Centre recommends that you never use your phone while driving, as you put yourself, other road users and pedestrians at risk by not fully concentrating on driving.