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HPI Check: What you need to know

When you buy a car you need to know that you are getting one that you can rely on for years to come; this is why it’s a good idea to get a HPI check. This week we ask what do you need to know about HPI checks?

At Acklam Car Centre we’ve built a reputation for excellence in the selling of second hand cars. The quality of service we provide has allowed us to become one of the largest car dealerships throughout the north of England.

This dedication to quality means that we strive to make sure you are fully satisfied with your car before you complete purchase and drive off the lot. This is why we perform HPI checks on every car the minute they enter our showroom.

So what is a HPI check? This is a series of tests carried out to find out the history of the car. It’s important to know the history of a car because if you don’t and it’s had a rough history then it could affect the cars usability at a later date. It always pays to know what you are buying.

So what specifically does a HPI check involve? The first part of it is the vehicle ID check. This is an extensive test that confirms the vehicle’s make, model, age, engine size, colour etc. This provides an extensive history of said vehicle up to the point it has entered our lot.

There is also the plate transfer check; this is designed to confirm the number plate history of the vehicle. A number plate is what is used by authorities to identify the vehicle on official records and make sure that it has been purchased honestly. There’s also a check to ensure the car hasn’t been stolen.

Then there is the security watch; this is a test designed to determine that your car is not monitored under a security watch label. In other words this is a test that makes sure the car in question is safe to drive. Then there is the finance check which is performed to assess whether there are any outstanding money issues attached to the vehicle.

Finally there are the condition alert and document checks. These are tests designed to make sure the car has not been designated a ‘total loss’ after an incident and that the vehicles documents are all in proper order.

A HPI check is a wonderful thing; it allows you to make sure you know what you are buying before you buy it. Always make sure HPI checks are performed on any vehicle you are considering buying.

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