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Five Easy Ways to Kill Some Time in a Traffic Jam

When you’re stuck in a long line of cars after work, be thankful you’ve got Acklam Car Centre on your side this week, as we share with you five easy ways to kill some time in a traffic jam.


The Difficulties of the Commuters Life

We get a lot of commuters passing through our showroom every single day here at Acklam Car Centre; – the family owned provider of top quality second hand motors. As such, we understand the unique difficulties that come with the commuter’s life.

traffic jam

Acklam Car Centre provides 5 great tips to help you through a traffic jam

And there is no difficulty more frustrating than being stuck on your way back from work in a traffic jam. You’ve spent all day slaving away, you just want to get home and put your feet up, but you can’t. Why? Because there’s a line of cars stretching into the distance so long, you can’t even see the end of it, and all your left to do is wait. Wait and be monumentally bored. You can’t even break out your laptop and get some extra work done to pass the time – just in case, by some miracle, the car in front of you moves a few inches!


Try These Five Things to Be Less Bored When Stuck in a Traffic Jam

But that doesn’t mean you should sit there wasting your life away. There are plenty of ways Acklam Car Centre can think of to keep yourself occupied whilst stuck in a mind numbingly boring traffic jam…


1) Turn The Radio On: The most obvious is to turn the radio on, blare out some tunes and invoke your inner pop star to while away the time. The added advantage is that by sticking the radio on, you can listen out for any traffic news that might let you know how long you’re going to be stuck behind that impossibly large Family SUV.


2) Get in Touch With Family: These days, most cars come equipped with speaker phones, so why not give it a test drive. With your weekday usually so busy, it’s kind of hard to keep in touch with everybody normally anyway, so a traffic jam is the perfect time to catch up on your correspondence.


3) Network: Do you ever get the feeling that we just don’t take enough time to talk these days? If you’re stuck in traffic jam, you should use it to broaden your horizons. Try rolling down the window and talking to the driver next to you. You never know, you could gain a whole new perspective on life just from being stuck on the road on the way home from work!


4)      Plan Your Life: Are you one of those people who plans out your monthly budget in the shower or meticulously maps out their latest family holiday when you’re walking the dog? We all need time to plot out our major life decisions, and there’s little else to do in a traffic jam, so why not use the time wisely and plan out your life!


5)      Multitask: If your energy levels are low and you’re stuck in a traffic jam, why wait to get them back up! Bring a nice snack to pass the time with, and you can actually turn it into a somewhat nice experience – especially with the radio turned up!


Don’t Let the Realities of Life Get You Down

Ultimately, we all hate being made to ensure the tedium that is a traffic jam after whiling away the hours at work. Unfortunately, it’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you should let the boredom get you. Try one of these five tip and you could actually be either really productive, or just have good time!

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