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Five Driving Apps You Need to Download for Android

If you’re want to make driving easier, read on, as this week Acklam Car Centre reveals five driving apps you need to download for android.

Listen to the Smooth, Dulcet Tones of the Voice Coming Over the Sat Nav.

As a family-owned provider of quality second hand cars, Acklam Car Centre has stood and watched as the world of driving has changed. New technologies have made driving even easier than ever!

Case in point. Where once, the person in the driver’s seat would be left fumbling with a gargantuan fold away map to find their way, now all they need to do is listen to the smooth dulcet phones of the voice coming over the Sat Nav.

Download These Five Apps for an Easier Driving Experience

Which is why it shouldn’t surprise you to discover that there are apps you can download to your smart phone that make it even easier to drive, and at Acklam Car Centre, we suggest that if you’ve got an android, you start by downloading the following five driving apps…

  • Drive Gain: For nothing at all, you can download DriveGain; an app designed to help you save fuel whilst you drive. Use the app’s audio and visual feedback to cut fuel usage in transit, improve efficiency and save money.


  • Tom Tom: You’ve guessed it, there’s now a Sat Nav app, meaning you don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount to find your way along the UK’s roads. It may be £50, but compared to an actual Sat Nav, you’ll make a real saving and never get lost again!


  • Witness Driving: Pay a paltry 69p and gain ownership of a Witness Driving app. This app turns your phone into a video camera, to record footage of any accidents you have on the road, giving you evidence you can use in an insurance claim.


  • Glovebox: An app like this is definitely one for the driver with the unordered mind. It works like a glovebox, because it provides an easy to access and modify directory for your cars data i.e. tax insurance and MOT reminders. Pay a mere 69p and never struggle to find your cars information again!


  • JamCam: This one will be the answer to all your prayers. For absolutely nothing at all, you can get an app that gives you live traffic feeds for over 105 of the country’s most hectic motorways and A Roads. Use it to ensure you never get stuck in a traffic jam again!

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Check out More Driving Apps

And there you are; these five apps will make driving so much easier for android users, but Acklam Car Centre would ask you to remember that there are far more out there, and you should check them out to make your life in the driver’s seat just that little bit easier.