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Steve McQueen’s Ferrari Sells for Cool £6 Million

Acklam Car Centre has learned that an iconic Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen has been off auctioned for a cool £6 million!

Acklam Car Centre has a Range of Top Class Second Hand Sports Cars

As one of the largest growing brokers of first rate, affordable second hand vehicles throughout the North-East of England, we feature a range of top class cars here at the Acklam Car Centre. That most definitely includes sports cars!

The Ferrari is absolutely something else. A car enthusiasts dream, the Ferrari brand is noted for its legendary quality, driving capability and classic charm. The ultimate luxury Italian sports car, the Ferrari has been getting drivers drooling since it was historically founded by iconic motor racing driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari way back in 1929.

It’s the Pinnacle of Ferrari Craftsmanship

We have to give a special shout out to the iconic vehicle, which McQueen eventually sold off to actor Guy Williams. The incredibly talented Hollywood alum bought the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 famously during the filming of epic action flick Bullitt back in 1968.

Ferrari 275 GTB/4

Ferrari 275 GTB

The vehicle is the pinnacle of Ferrari craftsmanship. A rare restored GTB/4 vehicle, it can hit a staggering 165 mph, has an admirable 300 hp and was notably listed as one of the Top Sports Cars of the 1960’s. We’re sure McQueen had a blast in this baby.

The Steve McQueen Factor

Yet all good things come to an end, as according to Digital Spy, the amazing vehicle once owned by the Hollywood heavyweight was auctioned off this week for a mind blowing £6 million. Acklam Car Centre sold a car in Australia for a mere £35,000!

Put on the lot at RM Auctions’ sale in Monterey California by its current owner, it received a lot of interest before going for £6 million. And according to managing director of RM Auctions Europe, Max Girardo, the McQueen association may have helped it sell so well. Girardo commented that “the Steve McQueen factor is simply immeasurable. There is nothing better to spend your money on than a Steve McQueen Ferrari.”

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Acklam Car Centre couldn’t agree more. It would be amazing to have a Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately we don’t, but we do have a range of amazing spots cars here for you on the Acklam Car Centre lot, that’ll make you feel like a movie star. Check them out today!

Selling your car for scrap: a guide.

Sometimes your car has had it and there really is nothing else you can do. It’s destined for the scrap heap. What do you need to know when you’ve decided it’s time to sell your car for scrap?

At Acklam Car Sales, we always say that wherever possible it’s always best to try and sell your car on to a second hand dealer, so that other people can use it and it lives on. However some cars really are hopeless and you have no choice but to scrap it.

In this case, scrapping it really is the only way to make any money on it, money that you can then put towards a shiny new  car, or a very efficient second hand one. In order to make this money there are some things you need to know about scrapping your car first.

First things first, a lot of people believe that when selling your car for scarp you need to get a Certificate of Destruction. Not true. If a scrap yard tries to tell you it is, they’re conning you. Don’t believe them for a single second.

However a Certificate of Destruction is needed if your car is going to be crushed. It is the responsibility of the scrap yard to provide this; it is not your responsibility. This is the only occasion where you will need the certificate.

Really, selling your car to a scrap yard is like selling it to anyone else. You’ll still have to fill out the same form from the DVLA. In this case though, you’ll need to make sure that you fill out the relevant V5C registration section of the form. Liability for the car then officially transfers to its new owner.

From here you’ve got to remember that scrapping is a business, they are looking to make money. This means that you won’t get the same amount for your car with each scrap yard. Always remember to look around to see who will get you the best deal. Research really is everything here. As a rule of thumb, remember that at the moment you should get around £70 for a scrap car.

At Acklam Car Sales, we know that if you can avoid scrapping our car, you really should, as you’ll get a lot more money selling it to a second hand dealer. We’ve grown to become one of the most trusted second hand car dealers throughout the North of England and we’d be only too happy to help.


Simple steps to help you sell your car faster | Acklam Car Centre

When you decide to sell your car, naturally, you want to get the best price. However, the reality is that if you want a good outcome, so you need to dedicate some time and energy to sprucing up your vehicle. Spend a few hours giving the car a thorough clean. Begin by removing all of the clutter; personal belongings, food wrappers, napkins should all be removed from the floors, the glove box and the boot.

You will then need to wash the car (both the inside and the outside). You can get this done professionally, or if you’re on a budget, you can do this yourself. If you opt for the latter, be careful about the cleaning products that you use; make sure that you choose the appropriate cleaning product for the material or upholstery you intend to clean.

You should also hoover the floors, in between the seats, and inside the boot, so as to ensure that the car is completely free from crumbs and dirt. Once you are finished, you might want to pop a new air freshener into the car. Buyers will be far more inclined to purchase a vehicle which is spotless and fresh smelling, than one which is musty and filled with clutter.

acklam car centreThe next step is to decide on a price. Used car dealerships like Acklam Car Centre will be able to provide you with a quote very quickly, but in addition to seeking out quotes from these kinds of companies, you may also want to browse through your local classifieds, and see how much others are charging for cars which are similar to yours.

Upon getting quotes from places like Acklam Car Centre, you may decide to sell to them. If, however, you opt to sell your car privately, you will need to begin advertising it. You can do this on advertising sites online, as well as in the classifieds in your local town. You may also want to use your social media profiles to advertise your car; this is a particularly good option if you have a large following. If your car remains unsold after a few weeks, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider how you are advertising the car and at what price, if the current ones are out of focus or don’t show off the best features of the vehicle.