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How to fix minor car damage

At Acklam Car Centre we understand that you don’t want to take your car into the shop every time there’s slight damage that need to be fixed. That’s why this week we thought we’d address the question of how to fix minor car damage.

Our experience as one of the largest growing car dealerships in the North of England has led us to see many people pay extreme amounts to fix minor faults. The reality is that some of these faults can actually be fixed without having to ever darken the doors of your local mechanics.

Make no mistake, we’re talking about aesthetics; dents, scratches, weather damage etc.  Any damage that goes further than aesthetics requires a mechanic; it would be unsafe to fix it yourself. However if it’s just about aesthetics there’s a number of ticks you can try.

The first concerns dents and dings. Often if you’ve taken a trip through a hail storm then the body of your car is dinged repeatedly, this can damage the paintwork and create dents that damage the aesthetics of the vehicle.

At this point you’d take it into the mechanic, instead why not try a hairdryer. It may sound crazy but it really works. The power of the device can actually force the dings to pop back out. This only works with minor dents but it’s always worth a try.

Now we move onto scratches. It’s an issue when your car gets scratched and considering how often people are forced to squeeze into tight car parking spaces; it’s an issue that a lot of people face.

For big scratches it’s always best to go to a professional; however for small scratches it really isn’t worth paying for their services. Why not painting over it? It’s a tiny scratch so you’ll do no harm covering it up and car paint is surprisingly easy to get a hold of. Sometimes it also comes off if you use an adhesive or if you buff it out.

But what about weather damage? Sometimes increased exposure to the rain and snow, especially in winter, can do damage that seems irreversible. However in this case all you need to do is use some common sense Take it to a car wash and get the full works; wash, dry, wax etc. and you’ll have it looking brand new in no time for hardly any money at all.

When it comes to fixing minor aesthetic car damage it really is all about common sense; how can you approach this issue, will it do any harm etc. However any serious issues should at once be referred to a mechanic.

Simple steps to help you sell your car faster | Acklam Car Centre

When you decide to sell your car, naturally, you want to get the best price. However, the reality is that if you want a good outcome, so you need to dedicate some time and energy to sprucing up your vehicle. Spend a few hours giving the car a thorough clean. Begin by removing all of the clutter; personal belongings, food wrappers, napkins should all be removed from the floors, the glove box and the boot.

You will then need to wash the car (both the inside and the outside). You can get this done professionally, or if you’re on a budget, you can do this yourself. If you opt for the latter, be careful about the cleaning products that you use; make sure that you choose the appropriate cleaning product for the material or upholstery you intend to clean.

You should also hoover the floors, in between the seats, and inside the boot, so as to ensure that the car is completely free from crumbs and dirt. Once you are finished, you might want to pop a new air freshener into the car. Buyers will be far more inclined to purchase a vehicle which is spotless and fresh smelling, than one which is musty and filled with clutter.

acklam car centreThe next step is to decide on a price. Used car dealerships like Acklam Car Centre will be able to provide you with a quote very quickly, but in addition to seeking out quotes from these kinds of companies, you may also want to browse through your local classifieds, and see how much others are charging for cars which are similar to yours.

Upon getting quotes from places like Acklam Car Centre, you may decide to sell to them. If, however, you opt to sell your car privately, you will need to begin advertising it. You can do this on advertising sites online, as well as in the classifieds in your local town. You may also want to use your social media profiles to advertise your car; this is a particularly good option if you have a large following. If your car remains unsold after a few weeks, it’s probably a good idea to reconsider how you are advertising the car and at what price, if the current ones are out of focus or don’t show off the best features of the vehicle.