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How to Drive Safely in Flood Conditions

With the remnants of hurricane Bertha sweeping the UK, Acklam Car Centre wanted to take the time this week to let you know how to drive safely in flood conditions.

Bertha has Made Driving More Treacherous than Ever

It may no longer be a hurricane, but Bertha is still a storm to be contended with. As it has travelled over to the British Isles, Bertha brought sheets of rain with it, making driving on Britain’s roads more treacherous than ever. And according to the Guardian, Bertha isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

Hurricane Bertha Path

After hitting the UK, Acklam Car Centre wanted to made sure that you take care on the roads. IMAGE: THE INDEPENDENT

As one of the largest growing brokers of affordable second hand vehicles across the North-East of England, Acklam Car Centre has seen what can happen when a driver is careless during flood conditions. They can cause serious accidents that harm themselves and others around them.

Acklam Car Centre’s Guide to Driving Safely in Flood Conditions

That is why you need to be more careful than ever when you set out on the road in flood conditions. In Acklam Car Centre’s experience, there are a series of steps you need to take to remain safe on the road. These include:

  • Checking Weather Conditions: When you know Britain’s roads are flooding, you need to know the situation before you set out. That way, if you hear that conditions are particularly bad on one route, you can avoid it and stay safe.
  • Driving Slowly: Flood conditions are no time to try testing the speed limit. Remember to drive at a slow, yet reasonable pace, to ensure that harsh conditions don’t cause you to crash.
  • Using Dipped Headlights: You need to make sure that you are more visible than ever to other drivers in flood conditions, to minimise the chance of causing an accident. That is why you should use your dipped headlights, and avoid using your fog lights.
  • Keeping the Radio On: In flood conditions, you don’t know when a road that seemed driveable only a few minutes ago will become unsafe. That’s why you need to keep the radio on at all times, to stay up to date with the local driving news bulletins.
  • Being Considerate: Driving in flood conditions is no time for over taking or cutting off a fellow driver. Make sure you are considerate of other drivers at all times to make sure that you all remain safe on the road.
  • Avoiding Deep Water: The more water on the road, the more likely that water is to seep into your car and cause an accident. If you see deep water ahead, turn back.

Use Your Head

Basically, you need to remember that it is unsafe as it is to drive at the height of flood conditions. That is why, if you absolutely have to take to the road, you need to use your head. Think about how your behaviour can affect you and those around you, to minimise the chance of causing an accident.