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The End of the Car Wash Industry?

If Nissan have their way, the carwash industry as we know it may be over, as it has unveiled the world’s first ever ‘self-washing car’ this week. Just what are we dealing with here, and is this a car that could one day feature on the Acklam Car Centre floor?

At Acklam Car Centre; the Middlesborough based second hand car dealership that has grown to cater to the needs of the North-East of England, we’re always interested in hearing about the latest innovations in the car world. Who knows, ideas like these could become mainstream and that’s why we need to know about them; so we can bring their benefits directly to you.

Car Washes to Become ‘Obsolete.’

In a move that the car maker has promised will make car washes “obsolete,” Nissan has announced that it is currently testing the world’s first ever ‘self-washing’ car.

Specifically, the car maker has announced that has it created this revolutionary new car – a world first, by any stretch of the imagination – by using technology in the form of superhydrophobic treatment. This treatment is applied to the body of the car, and has the ability to wash away common car stains such as those caused by mud, dirt etc. It only applies to water-based substances.

Nissan has been known for employing innovative technologies to improve its cars for years, but critics are already labelling this it’s most ambitious project. Superhydrophobic treatments work through altering the angle of the water spray so that it reaches all areas of the car, meaning that dirt of much simply rolls away.

It should be effective because liquid tends to stick to car surfaces when said surface is low. This technology approaches it at a high angle, which does the trick. An article in the Independent described the process by saying that: ‘Superhydrophobic surfaces work by combining two properties – super-roughness at the microscopic level and a low surface energy – to ensure that these contact angles remain high.’

Coming to Acklam Car Centre?

According to the independent, this technology, which has been based on patented technology developed by US firm ‘Ultra Dry Forever,’ is currently undergoing testing at the Bedfordshire based manufacturer’s European Technical Centre. This means that we’re unlikely to see it featured at Acklam Car Centre anytime soon.

However we feature plenty of Nissans, and if this technology can really do what the car manufacturer says it can, there’s a chance you may be able to pick one up from us at some point. It’s simply too fascinating an idea to pass up on!