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Acklam Car Centre Explores: Why Are GM Recalling Cars Again

In a move that shocked approximately no-one at Acklam Car Centre, GM has announced the recall of yet more vehicles this week. One question; why?

Acklam Car Centre: We Know Second Hand Cars

You have to be pretty familiar with the car industry to succeed in the second hand car game. Acklam Car Centre, a family owned Middlesbrough-based second hand car seller has grown to become one of the most popular second hand car providers in the North-East of England because we know the market.

Cars are recalled all the time, for a number of reasons. We see it every month, nothing unusual However when cars are recalled repeatedly in such a short space of time, we’d suggest that it’s indicative of a larger problem that the manufacturer needs to address.

Problems with the Ignition

That seems to be the exact situation facing GM Motors; one the US’ largest car manufacturers. The BBC reported that this week GM has announced the recall of more than 500,000 Chevrolet cars, after discovering a fault with the ignition system. This mostly concerns products sold in North America.

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Specifically, the car producer found that a driver’s knee could bump the key fob; this would put the ignition into ‘run,’ which would drain the power. The company has also noted that the discrepancy has led to three crashes, which caused four minor injuries.

Indicative of a Larger Trend

So this is undoubtedly a minor flaw which hasn’t seriously hurt anybody; it doesn’t even effect the UK car market. Does it really matter?  Well as we’ve already said, this isn’t the first time recently GM has had to recall cars; this is indicative of a larger trend.

In March alone GM were forced to recall 2.6 million vehicles because of a faulty ignition switch that was said to be the reason behind 13 deaths. This led to the company being fined $35 (£21) million, two months later.

Whatever your position on the latest recall, it does remind you to be careful about the car you buy. Make sure you go to a car provider you can trust, like Acklam Car Centre, so you can drive away safe in the knowledge that you’ve gotten your money’s worth!

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