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Acklam Car Centre Explore the Launch of Google’s Self Driving Car

Mega search engine Google have taken one step closer to world domination this month, with the roll-out of their latest prototype for a self-driving car. Acklam Car Centre explores what this could mean for drivers across the world going forward.

The Stuff of Sci-Fi Fantasy

At Acklam Car Centre – a North-East based second hand car provider that is trusted across the region or its reputation for excellence – we’ve seen every type of car imaginable. We’ve seen big cars, and small cars, gas guzzlers and energy efficient models. However we have to admit that at first glance, the self-driving car sounds like the stuff of a sci-fi film.

That’s because until recently that’s the only place we’ve seen them.  However Google have always been known to reach for the stars and succeed, and they’ve done it again, as the launch of this prototype has dazzled car enthusiasts around the world, and brought this geeks fantasy to the forefront of reality.

Google's driverless car

Google’s driverless car
Image: BBC

What Can We Expect From the Self Driving Car?

So what are we dealing with here? At first glance, it’s exactly what you think it is. It is a car which drives itself. Specifically, it has no brakes, steering wheel, accelerator wheels or manual control of any kind.

Don’t fear though, it may not have these (until now) basic car necessities, but it does have the capability to be summoned by smartphone, a start and stop button that does the driving for you, and sensor technology to keep you safe and get you from A to B. It kind of looks like a cross between a smart car and a Nissan Micra, and has two seats with room left over for a minimal amount of luggage.

Acklam Car Centre Asks When the Driverless Car May Come to a Lot near You

Although other prototypes have been released and it isn’t an entirely new concept, experts are hailing this particular prototype as the first truly driverless electric car prototype, which means that it won’t be available yet for quite a while.

But what is clear is that this prototype is the closest step yet the world has taken to such a thing occurring. Presuming the car will be a success, here at Acklam Car Centre we look forward to a Google self-driving car one day rolling onto our lot!

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