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What’s happening to Tax Disks?

This week Acklam Car Centre asks in light of coming rule changes, what’s happening to tax discs and what’ll happen to you if you don’t follow the new rules?

Drivers need to stay up to Date with UK Road Regulation

As one of the largest growing second hand car dealers throughout the North-East of England, Acklam Car Centre understands that drivers need to stay up to date with the rules of the road, to ensure that they don’t end up paying heavy fines.

That is why this week, we wanted to bring something to your attention. As of 1st October, tax disk rules are changing, and if you fall foul of the new rules, you could end up shelling out up to £1,000.

How Will Car Owners Pay Tax From 1st October?

According to This is Money, after 93 years on windscreens across the UK, paper tax discs are being scrapped. Instead, they will be replaced with a computerised system.

tax disc

Paper tax discs are being scrapped. Instead, they will be replaced with a computerised system.

Specifically, car owners will still be required to pay vehicle tax if they wish to take their car to for a spin or even keep a vehicle on the road. It’s just the paper disk itself that is being tossed out. Instead, police will be able to check a cars number plate against a computerised system to see whether the driver has paid their tax. If they haven’t, police will be able to charge drivers up to £1,000 in fines.  Used car sellers will also be required to report changes in ownership immediately, or risk the same fine.

So, a pretty significant change, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t know about it. A recent survey found that as many as 50% of those questioned don’t even know the day when the rules are changing. Furthermore, the survey from comparison site revealed that 32% admitted that they will not even attempt to find out what the changes entail.

Changes Mean Tax Can be paid via Direct Debit

Furthermore, the new rules will give drivers the chance to pay the tax via direct debit, which the survey found was the desired option of 53% of drivers.’s editor in chief, Hannah Maundrell commented on the matter. Maundrell said that “changes to the vehicle tax system are no bad thing and we fully welcome the introduction of direct debit payments, particularly for consumers who may be struggling to keep up with the soaring cost of driving.”

Maundrell went on to say that “it will also help to eliminate the problem of people who genuinely forget to renew their tax and end up being stung with a hefty fine.” Maundrell concluded by saying that “however, I suspect the new system may experience some teething problems so drivers really need to make sure they’re on top of their game.”

Bone up on the New System Now, While You Can

Maundrell makes a good point; these rules are designed to help save you money. However, if you don’t know or care about them, then they can actually end up costing you serious cash. That is why Acklam Car Centre would advise that you make sure you bone up on the new system and fill out a V5C form, then send it to the DVLA now, whilst you can.

Steve McQueen’s Ferrari Sells for Cool £6 Million

Acklam Car Centre has learned that an iconic Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen has been off auctioned for a cool £6 million!

Acklam Car Centre has a Range of Top Class Second Hand Sports Cars

As one of the largest growing brokers of first rate, affordable second hand vehicles throughout the North-East of England, we feature a range of top class cars here at the Acklam Car Centre. That most definitely includes sports cars!

The Ferrari is absolutely something else. A car enthusiasts dream, the Ferrari brand is noted for its legendary quality, driving capability and classic charm. The ultimate luxury Italian sports car, the Ferrari has been getting drivers drooling since it was historically founded by iconic motor racing driver and entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari way back in 1929.

It’s the Pinnacle of Ferrari Craftsmanship

We have to give a special shout out to the iconic vehicle, which McQueen eventually sold off to actor Guy Williams. The incredibly talented Hollywood alum bought the 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 famously during the filming of epic action flick Bullitt back in 1968.

Ferrari 275 GTB/4

Ferrari 275 GTB

The vehicle is the pinnacle of Ferrari craftsmanship. A rare restored GTB/4 vehicle, it can hit a staggering 165 mph, has an admirable 300 hp and was notably listed as one of the Top Sports Cars of the 1960’s. We’re sure McQueen had a blast in this baby.

The Steve McQueen Factor

Yet all good things come to an end, as according to Digital Spy, the amazing vehicle once owned by the Hollywood heavyweight was auctioned off this week for a mind blowing £6 million. Acklam Car Centre sold a car in Australia for a mere £35,000!

Put on the lot at RM Auctions’ sale in Monterey California by its current owner, it received a lot of interest before going for £6 million. And according to managing director of RM Auctions Europe, Max Girardo, the McQueen association may have helped it sell so well. Girardo commented that “the Steve McQueen factor is simply immeasurable. There is nothing better to spend your money on than a Steve McQueen Ferrari.”

Check out Acklam Car Centre’s Amazing Range of Sports Cars Today!

Acklam Car Centre couldn’t agree more. It would be amazing to have a Ferrari once owned by Steve McQueen. Unfortunately we don’t, but we do have a range of amazing spots cars here for you on the Acklam Car Centre lot, that’ll make you feel like a movie star. Check them out today!

How to Drive Safely in Flood Conditions

With the remnants of hurricane Bertha sweeping the UK, Acklam Car Centre wanted to take the time this week to let you know how to drive safely in flood conditions.

Bertha has Made Driving More Treacherous than Ever

It may no longer be a hurricane, but Bertha is still a storm to be contended with. As it has travelled over to the British Isles, Bertha brought sheets of rain with it, making driving on Britain’s roads more treacherous than ever. And according to the Guardian, Bertha isn’t expected to go away any time soon.

Hurricane Bertha Path

After hitting the UK, Acklam Car Centre wanted to made sure that you take care on the roads. IMAGE: THE INDEPENDENT

As one of the largest growing brokers of affordable second hand vehicles across the North-East of England, Acklam Car Centre has seen what can happen when a driver is careless during flood conditions. They can cause serious accidents that harm themselves and others around them.

Acklam Car Centre’s Guide to Driving Safely in Flood Conditions

That is why you need to be more careful than ever when you set out on the road in flood conditions. In Acklam Car Centre’s experience, there are a series of steps you need to take to remain safe on the road. These include:

  • Checking Weather Conditions: When you know Britain’s roads are flooding, you need to know the situation before you set out. That way, if you hear that conditions are particularly bad on one route, you can avoid it and stay safe.
  • Driving Slowly: Flood conditions are no time to try testing the speed limit. Remember to drive at a slow, yet reasonable pace, to ensure that harsh conditions don’t cause you to crash.
  • Using Dipped Headlights: You need to make sure that you are more visible than ever to other drivers in flood conditions, to minimise the chance of causing an accident. That is why you should use your dipped headlights, and avoid using your fog lights.
  • Keeping the Radio On: In flood conditions, you don’t know when a road that seemed driveable only a few minutes ago will become unsafe. That’s why you need to keep the radio on at all times, to stay up to date with the local driving news bulletins.
  • Being Considerate: Driving in flood conditions is no time for over taking or cutting off a fellow driver. Make sure you are considerate of other drivers at all times to make sure that you all remain safe on the road.
  • Avoiding Deep Water: The more water on the road, the more likely that water is to seep into your car and cause an accident. If you see deep water ahead, turn back.

Use Your Head

Basically, you need to remember that it is unsafe as it is to drive at the height of flood conditions. That is why, if you absolutely have to take to the road, you need to use your head. Think about how your behaviour can affect you and those around you, to minimise the chance of causing an accident.

The Five Rules any Car Passenger Needs to Know

As a car passenger you have an obligation; not to annoy the driver to distraction. That’s why Acklam Car Centre has provided you with five rules any car passenger needs to know.

Some People Just Don’t Know How to Be a Good Passenger

Acklam Car Centre is a family-owned provider of top quality second hand cars. As one of the fastest growing second hand car brokers in the North-East of England, there is one thing we’ve seen a lot of; nightmare passengers.

Some people just don’t know how to be a good passenger. They let all their annoying habits shine, and thus distract the driver from doing what they should actually be doing; driving. On a serious note, a distracted driver often results in a careless driver. Careless drivers have a nasty habit of crashing.

Acklam Car Centre Suggests You Follow These Five Rules

That is why it is important that you behave well as a passenger. Not always an easy task to be sure, which is why Acklam Car Centre suggests all car passengers follow these rules…

1)      Don’t Judge:  No-one likes a backseat driver. It only acts to wind up the person who’s actually behind the wheel, and you can bet that the more you criticise them, the worse they’ll drive.

2)      Follow Directions: If the driver tells you to shut up, you do it.  No, they are not trying to offend you. They just need to concentrate, which as far as your safety is concerned, is actually a good thing.

3)      Buckle Up: As a matter of course, everyone needs to buckle up. As a passenger, you don’t want to distract the driver just because you don’t want to wear a seat beat, and have them worry about crashing.

4)      Tone Down Your Habits; Are you the type of person who has a really annoying habit you aren’t always even aware of. Catch yourself before you have the chance to annoy the driver and restrain your very annoying habit. If you don’t, you’ll most likely end up with a very distracted driver.

5)      Be Helpful: Driving really is sometimes a two man (or woman) job. If the driver needs you to find somewhere on a map for them, please just do it. Otherwise, they’ll just have to do it themselves. And holding a map? Not great for driver concentration.

If you want to make sure you are the best car passenger you can possibly be; just use your head. You know what is likely to annoy the person in the driver’s seat, so just go from there!