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What Are UK Driver’s Top Five Pet Hates?

What do UK Drivers hate the most? That’s the question we’re looking to answer here at Acklam Car Centre this week, with the top five UK driver pet peeves!

Acklam Car Centre, The Driver’s Agony Aunt!

Is it any wonder road rage is (probably) on the rise? Acklam Car Centre are one of the largest growing providers of top quality second hand cars in the North-East of England, a lot of drivers come through our doors. A lot of them rightfully moan about the driving experience they’re in for on today’s roads.

Considering how many drivers get frustrated by driving on the roads of modern Britain, it’s no surprise that Acklam Car Centre stumbled on a recent survey detailing the top hates of British drivers.

British Drivers Really Hate These Five Things

On Monday (28th July), AA and Populus released new research looking into the top ten hates of British drivers. We thought we’d slim it down a bit, and bring you the top five. So without further ado…

1)      Litterbugs: The top hate, gathering a staggering 34% of respondents, revealed that they hate people who throw rubbish out of their car windows. We’re definitely with them; it’s unclean, unseemly and sometimes just plain unsafe!


2)      Slow Moving Caravans: We’re with people on this one too! 15% of drivers bemoaned the fate of being stuck behind a slow moving caravan. This would annoy anyone – there’s a reason it’s called rush hour, after all!


3)      Groups of Cyclists: Doesn’t it seem to have gotten worse after the Tour de France? Groups of cyclists, who force you to swerve out of the way every five seconds, have always been annoying, but it’s seems they’ve stepped up their game lately. The proof? 13% of respondents said slow moving groups of cyclists were the thing that annoyed them the most!


4)      Inconsiderate Parking: We’re with the people on this too – they’re a perceptive bunch. A healthy 10% of respondents said putting up with the perils of inconsiderate parking – which can be a menace when you’re trying to get out of a tight space – was the thing that annoyed them the most.


5)      Lost Drivers: A somewhat respectable 7% of respondents claimed lost drivers was the thing that annoyed them the most. We kind of get it, but honestly, how do you even know when a driver is lost, unless you’ve both stopped and you can see them fiddling with a map!

If you learn anything from this (mostly) pointless exercise, let it be how to be a better driver. On a serious note, Acklam Car Centre has often found that the less you annoy your fellow motorists, the more accommodating they are. Makes for an easier life!

Drive Diesel in London? You Could Be Set to Pay Extra.

Acklam Car Centre has learned that plans drawn up by London Mayor Boris Johnson, could see motorists pay extra for driving diesel in the capital.

Acklam Car Centre Recognises the Value of Diesel Cars

We have a range of top quality, diesel fuelled cars at Acklam Car Centre. As a Middlesbrough-based, second hand car broker, who has grown to become a market leader in the North East of England, Acklam recognises the value of diesel vehicles.

We have seen many people opt for diesel. Quite frankly, they’re cheaper to run than normal cars, and more widely available than their electric equivalents. However the affordability of diesel engines for drivers in London could be set to change. That is at least, if Boris Johnson gets his way.

An Extra £10 Charge for Diesel Drivers in Central London

According to the Daily Mail, the London Mayor plans to force diesel drivers to pay an extra £10 to drive into the thriving central London area. The plan would come into effect in 2020, and establish an ‘ultra-low emissions zone’ in central London. Diesel vehicles that meet the Euro 6 emissions standards, however, would be exempt from the charge.

acklam car centre london

The idea forms a part of Johnson’s latest initiative, designed to curb pollution in the richest city in the UK. Johnson’s plans are hardly unique. Other cities across the UK are currently considering similar low emission zones, in order to reduce the volume of diesel fumes that permeate their atmospheres. Cities currently considering similar plans include Bradford, Leicester, Sheffield and Birmingham; all known for their poor air quality.

Further Plans to Reduce the Amount of Diesel Drivers on UK Roads

This isn’t the only move Johnson is planning to make to reduce the number of diesel drivers on Britain’s roads. The publication also reported that the London Mayor plans to lobby Cameron’s government to raise road tax on diesel engines. He hopes this will convince motorists to switch to cleaner cars.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s counterparts in the Labour Party are also looking at ways to slash the amount of diesel drivers on Britain’s roads. According to the paper, Labour plans to introduce a network of similar low emissions zones, which would be geared towards forcing older diesel vehicles out of the UK’s cities.

It May Become Increasingly Expensive to Drive Diesel

Right now, this single piece of news alone is unlikely to wildly drive up your household budget. However, Acklam Car Centre would suggest that it looks like it will become increasingly expensive to drive diesel. You need to ask yourself; is it a cost you will be able to afford?

Six Points for Using a Phone

Acklam Car Centre has learned that plans are under-way to increase the amount of points gained on your licence for driving while using a mobile phone.


The current punishment for driving while using your mobile phone is a fine and three points but ministers are actively trying to increase the penalty to six points. This comes as a serious statement of intent from ministers who are trying to underline how dangerous it is to use your phone while driving.

In 2013 alone, 23 people lost their lives because of incidents involving using a phone when driving.

mobile phone

The new more severe penalty could mean that drivers how have committed the offence twice in three years could expect to completely lose their licence. A new driver would lose their licence over just one offence.

Recent research has been carried out that suggests using a mobile phone when driving can be more dangerous than the effects of drink driving. Sending a text while driving is said to reduce a driver’s reaction time by 37% and making a phone call by 46%. Cannabis was found to slow reactions by 21% and drinking at the legal limit 13%.

Police Commissioner

The new government action was encouraged by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner who said: ‘If I was able tomorrow, I would say you get six points for driving while using a phone. The problem at the moment is we are dishing out lots of tickets, somebody gets three points and they have got another three chances.’

Monitoring groups such as the RAC are not convinced that new legislation will have the desired effect and would have called for alternative measures to support the drive to reduce the culture of using a phone while driving.

Acklam Car Centre recommends that you never use your phone while driving, as you put yourself, other road users and pedestrians at risk by not fully concentrating on driving.

Government Cars Turn Electric

Acklam Car Centre has learned that ministers in the UK government will be travelling to official engagements in electric cars.

The news comes as an incentive to help the fight against climate change and will see Downing street fitted with charging points to top the cars up on power.

More than 150 electric cars will be drafted in from as soon as this autumn, the government wish to ‘lead by example’ and boost public confidence in the electrically powered cars.

The government car service along with the department for transport will be the first to receive the new electric cars. All of the government’s fleet will eventually be replaced by electric cars.

Departments will be asked which of the cars they currently possess could be swapped for an electric alternative when they come up for renewal. The initial lease is likely to last two years according to sources close to Acklam Car Centre.

Later on this year, the wider public sector will also be included in the £5 miilion scheme which will mean an extra 135 electric cars can be added to councils, the police force and the NHS. The £5 million will also go to ensuring there are more charging points around, with some even being installed on Downing Street.

There is not, as of yet, a shortlist of the types of vehicles that will be included, but Acklam Car Centre understands that the list will likely include the Nissan Leaf and Vauxhall Ampera as replacements for cars and the Nissan E-NV200 light van as an alternative to existing work vehicles.

nissan leaf

The Nissan Leaf is just one of the cars that could be added to the Government’s new electric fleet

With regards to the higher end luxury cars in the governments fleet which currently includes Jaguars and Range Rovers, they may be replaced by the Tesla Model S which went on sale in the UK in May and costs from £49,900 to £68,700. Unfortunately the Tesla Model S is not available to purchase at Acklam Car Centre!

The Chief Secretary to the treasury, Danny Alexander said that they aim to one day make all of the government’s fleet 100% electric in the future, although he added that “There may be some specific tasks when that’s more difficult or where the vehicle technology isn’t ready yet”.

Should You Head North To Buy a Used Car?

This week Acklam Car Centre asks whether if you’re living in the South, you should head north if you’re looking for an affordable used car.


Acklam Car Centre Provides Competitively Priced Used Cars

If you’re looking for a quality used car at a price you can actually afford, Acklam Car Centre are here to help. Our diverse range of competitively priced second hand cars has helped us to become one of the largest growing second hand car dealers in the North of England.


acklam car centre


Considering the fact that we’ve got some of the most competitively priced used cars in the country, and that we’re based in the North, we’ve often heard that prices are generally cheaper in the North, but is there any truth to this?

Second Hand Cars Are Cheaper up North

This week the Telegraph featured an article questioning whether it was cheaper to sell your car in the North of the Country than in the South, and it certainly made for interesting reading.

Basically, the writer went on to suggest that used car valuation services CAP Automotive and Glass’s, generally held that it was cheaper to buy a used car in the North than in the South, especially when it came to diesel cars, which were held to be 20% more expensive in London and Wales, than they were in the North and Scotland.

96% Agree Pricing Influenced by Geographical Location

Phil Northard, CAP’s retail and consumer specialist, commented on the issue to the publication, saying: “We asked dealers and 96 per cent agreed that pricing was influenced by geographical location. I remember from my days as a dealer, speaking to buyers who would travel up to the north and Midlands to buy small automatics to take back down to London.”

It seems that nothing much has changed since those days. Glass went on to use the example of a three year old Ford Focus 1.6 five door to prove the point. According to Glass, this model would be, on average, £375 cheaper to buy from a northern second hand car dealer than a southern one.

So there you have it; Acklam Car Centre suggests that if you want value for money on your second hand car, you head north!