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Acklam Car Centre Backs Simon Vallily

This week Acklam Car Centre circulated a press release amongst news sources illustrating it’s backing of Commonwealth Boxing Champion Simon Vallily, as his career progresses to the next stage.

You can read the story here on Businesswire.

Acklam Car Centre’s Role in the Community

At Acklam Car Centre, we take our position in the local North-East English community seriously. As well as expanding to become one of the largest providers of quality second hand cars to drivers in the North-East, we often regularly contribute to its vibrant culture through monetary and philanthropic gestures.

The North-East is known for its diverse sporting culture and that is why Acklam Car Centre is proud to sponsor Simon Vallily, a highly skilled boxing industry professional who used his talent and sheer determination to rise to the rank of Commonwealth Champion.

Commonwealth Boxing Champion Returns to the Ring

Vallily takes the faith that his sponsors (such as Acklam Car Centre and have in him seriously, and promised to repay that faith last week, days before the 2010 Commonwealth gold medallist re-entered the ring for the Leeds First Direct Arena Fight

His first fight since parting ways with promoter Frank Warren, it saw 28 year old Middlesbrough-based Simon compete against former opponent Moses Matovu in a six round contest that proved a must see right from the off.

Simon Vallily Thanks Sponsors for Their Continued Support

Before the fight took place, Simon spoke out on his wish to stick by the sponsors who have stuck by him in his rise to the top of the boxing world. Simon said:  “My supporters and sponsors, Chris Andrews at Acklam Car Centre and, have stuck by me even when things weren’t going to plan. It’s much appreciated and I want to pay them back with a good performance against Matovu. He is strong and is always there, but we’ve been working on some new things and I’m looking forward to showing them.”

Acklam Car Centre Boss Chris Andrews responded by saying that “Simon is a brilliant boxer with a great future ahead of him and we’re very proud to be able to play a part in his continuing success,” and that “we’re all looking forward to seeing him back in action tomorrow.” The ensuing fight proved to be epic, highlighting, once again, what a master Vallily is in the ring.

acklam car centre simon vallily

Commonwealth champion boxer Simon Vallily
image: The Guadian

To view more press releases from Acklam Car Centre visit the Acklam Car Sales press room.

Diesel Demand Rises

Diesel cars are catching on, both in Europe and the United States. The Acklam Car Centre blog analyses why this might be and how this could affect the car market in the future.

Price Fluctuations

More and more diesel cars are being sold across Europe and the US, we have seen it here at Acklam Car Centre, but large price fluctuations could scare off potential buyers of diesel vehicles, despite the fact that a diesel car could save you as much as 20% of your bill at the pumps.

acklam car centre Petrol_pump_mp3h0355 senior analyst Bill Visnic said: “Car buyers get nervous when they see the price of a fuel jumping around… People don’t like uncertainty.”

The problem is made worse because of the price for a gallon of diesel often rises or falls for reasons completely unrelated to the market price of fuel. This makes diesel look uncertain and unstable. IHS Automotive senior analyst Stephanie Brinley highlighted this characteristic saying “The cost of a gallon of diesel may go up on the same day gasoline goes down”.

This was particularly true in the US when last winter, at times, diesel cost nearly $1 (59p) more than gasoline in some parts of the US, according to the AAA. The average US price for a gallon of diesel in mid-May was 5.4 cents (3p) less than a gallon of premium petrol and about 30 cents (18p) more than a gallon of regular petrol.

Allen Schaeffer, director of the Diesel Technology Forum said “The price of diesel is a mystery to many people,”. The Diesel Technology forum is a group made up of automakers, suppliers and other companies, and they expect diesel powered vehicles to grow from around 3% of the US market to 6% and then up to 9% by 2020.

New Cars

As many as 40 new diesel vehicles are to go on sale between now and the end of 2016, who knows some of them may end up in the Acklam Car Centre showroom soon!


Oil refineries in America are pressing to produce more diesel because global demand for the fuel is rising. Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst with the website said “Diesel is the product refineries want to make … It’s more steadily profitable than gasoline.”

Kloza says that the price of diesel was exceptionally volatile this winter because fuel is linked to the price oil which is effected by heating demand.

Despite the fluctuations in price, the consensus is that U.S. and European diesel consumption will rise as car manufacturers and consumers reach for more fuel-efficient vehicles, as the price of petrol keeps rising and consumers are looking for more fuel efficiency to save money at the pumps.

Acklam Car Centre in Growing Classic Car Market

This week Acklam Car Centre hit the headlines, as The Northern Echo featured an article detailing the success we are currently experiencing in the classic car market.

This isnt the first time Acklam Car Centre have been published. The Northern Echo ran a story when we sold an Aston Martin all the way in Australia! You can read more about that here.

Middlesbrough-based Acklam Car Centre is a second hand car provider that has grown, on the back of a reputation for excellence, to become one of the largest dealerships in the North-East of England. We feature a range of quality second hand vehicles in our show room including family cars, motorbikes, hybrids and classic cars.

Classic Cars Attract International Interest

Family owned Acklam Car Centre has since expanded beyond British borders to reach a truly international customer base, brokering car sales in destinations as far flung as France, Germany, Cyprus and even Australia.

We got the chance to expand into the lucrative car market down under early this year, when we sold an Aston Martin DB7 to an expat businessman from Perth, Western Australia. The deal totalled £35,000 for a 14 year old V12 DB7 which had only one previous owner and only clocked up 25,000 miles.

Acklam Car Centre Manager Chris Andrews Speaks to The Northern Echo

The Northern Echo got the chance to speak to Manger Chris Andrews, who went on to point out that the Acklam Car Centre showroom features a number of classic models that attract buyers on a global scale. These includea Triumph TR4, a 1989 Ford XR3i, and a 1979 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, which has only clocked up 4,000 miles.

Andrews went on to say: “Since the start of the recession we have seen the motor trade grow and the classic car market increase with people looking at them as investments. The increase in values on some can go up to 400 per cent.”

Andrews then talked about the one car in particular, saying that: “The Rolls-Royce came from Tamworth, and was owned by a pig farmer and governor of the Royal Agricultural Society. He only ever used it to drive to the show and I’ve got all the badges.”

When you get a classic car from Acklam Car Centre, you get a quality vehicle that drives like a dream, appreciates in value and is sure to boast a fascinating history. That is why customers from places as far away as Australia are coming to Acklam for their classic cars.

A ‘Tracker Chip’ for Every Car?

Believe it or not, news sources are reporting this month that the EU has decided that every new car sold within its borders will be sold with a tracking device. What do you need to know about the new regulations if you are looking for a new car right now?

As one of the largest growing second hand cars services in the North-East of England, this is news that will one day prove of great importance to Acklam Car Centre. This is because this rule applies to every new car sold, which means they will one day feature in our lot and be available to you.

What You Need to Know

These rules will directly affect you, even if you’re buying a second hand car, and you need to know about them. So what are we talking about, exactly?

  • The European Commission has ruled that by October 2015, all new vehicles sold in the EU have to be fitted with tracking technology.
  • The scheme is called eCall and under it, cars sold will be fitted with a black box device.
  • Specifically, the black box device contains a phone-like SIM card which is able to track a vehicles movements.
  • It is estimated that the device will add up to £100 to the cost of a new car.
  • It has been voted through and a draft of the law is set to be published next week, before it will be voted on by the EU Commission.

For and Against

The device has both its supporters and detractors. Those for the device have argued that in the event of a crash, it will allow emergency services to find a vehicle no matter the state of the driver, who may be too injured to place a 999 call. This means that it could literally save lives.

However those against the device have suggested that this benefit pales in comparison to the power it would lend governments over their own people. They say that it will help create a ‘big brother’ state where police will be able to monitor people’s movements. It is important to remember, however, that car manufacturers such as Volvo and BMW already fit their cars with eCall technology.

Whatever side of the fence you fall on, ministers have admitted that they are powerless to stop it.  It is coming and at Acklam Car Centre, we think that you need to know about it so by the time October 2015 rolls around, you are ready.

What Will the Car Industry Look like in 2013?

At Acklam Car Centre, auto enthusiasts that we are, we’ve got a keen interest in where the auto industry is headed and some comments from sector experts that have recently hit the headlines have let us know what it could look like as far into the future as 2030. What did they say and what does it mean for the industry as it is right now?

As one of the most trusted sellers of quality second hand vehicles in the North-East of England, we’re always on the lookout for the latest changes in the auto industry – after all, these changes are eventually going to hit the Acklam Car Centre show room and factor into your eventual second hand car purchase. It’s a case of knowledge really is power, power that we can use to provide a sustained service to you.

That’s why this prediction fascinates us. What could we be dealing with by the time 2030 rolls around? Well if Business Insider is to be believed, we could be buying self-driving cars and dealing with a whole lot more…

The Car Industry of 2030

According to experts quoted by Business Insider, in just over 25 years in the year 2030, we’ll have self-driving cars. This prediction is based on the development of more efficient engines that has already revolutionised the industry in recent years.

President and CEO of BMW North America, Ludwig Willisch commented to Business Insider on how changing cityscapes, when compared with highways in the US, will facilitate the mass use of the self-driving car.

Willisch said that: “We will have more of these restrictions of driving with internal combustion engines in city areas, whereas I think if you’re making your way through Death Valley, it will still be with an internal combustion engine.”

President of Land Rover North America, Joe Eberhardt, concurred, further arguing that it’s a fantastic time to work in cars. He has specifically claimed that innovations such as new powertrains, fresh designs and the emergence of these self-driving technologies that will one day dominate, have made “the auto industry cool again.”

The Future is Here

We agree with Eberhardt, the auto industry is cool again. Not only have new innovations and the direction they may lead in turned this sector into one where anything is possible right now, but the recovering strength of the UK car market has meant that people are buying again, and doing so in droves, giving the auto industry the capital and the impetus it needs to power on with these stunning new developments that should make self-driving cars a reality in the year 2030!