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The End of the Car Wash Industry?

If Nissan have their way, the carwash industry as we know it may be over, as it has unveiled the world’s first ever ‘self-washing car’ this week. Just what are we dealing with here, and is this a car that could one day feature on the Acklam Car Centre floor?

At Acklam Car Centre; the Middlesborough based second hand car dealership that has grown to cater to the needs of the North-East of England, we’re always interested in hearing about the latest innovations in the car world. Who knows, ideas like these could become mainstream and that’s why we need to know about them; so we can bring their benefits directly to you.

Car Washes to Become ‘Obsolete.’

In a move that the car maker has promised will make car washes “obsolete,” Nissan has announced that it is currently testing the world’s first ever ‘self-washing’ car.

Specifically, the car maker has announced that has it created this revolutionary new car – a world first, by any stretch of the imagination – by using technology in the form of superhydrophobic treatment. This treatment is applied to the body of the car, and has the ability to wash away common car stains such as those caused by mud, dirt etc. It only applies to water-based substances.

Nissan has been known for employing innovative technologies to improve its cars for years, but critics are already labelling this it’s most ambitious project. Superhydrophobic treatments work through altering the angle of the water spray so that it reaches all areas of the car, meaning that dirt of much simply rolls away.

It should be effective because liquid tends to stick to car surfaces when said surface is low. This technology approaches it at a high angle, which does the trick. An article in the Independent described the process by saying that: ‘Superhydrophobic surfaces work by combining two properties – super-roughness at the microscopic level and a low surface energy – to ensure that these contact angles remain high.’

Coming to Acklam Car Centre?

According to the independent, this technology, which has been based on patented technology developed by US firm ‘Ultra Dry Forever,’ is currently undergoing testing at the Bedfordshire based manufacturer’s European Technical Centre. This means that we’re unlikely to see it featured at Acklam Car Centre anytime soon.

However we feature plenty of Nissans, and if this technology can really do what the car manufacturer says it can, there’s a chance you may be able to pick one up from us at some point. It’s simply too fascinating an idea to pass up on!

General Motors Suffer Dip in Profits

Acklam Car Centre has learned that General Motors has seen their first quarter profits hit by a $1.3 billion charge to cover the cost of a huge recall of cars over faulty ignition switches.

The switches in question, could turn off the engine, which also means disabling airbags, and have been linked to at least 12 deaths.

GM also incurred costs of $300m in restructuring the company, although this was mainly in Europe.

The result of these charges meant that GM’s net income was $125 million, this compared with the £865m in the same period last year, is not good news for GM or their shareholders. However some good sales news as this periods sales figures were at $37.4bn, up from $36.9bn in 2013.

GM said that part of the $1.3bn recall charges were to cover the cost of courtesy cars for customers, around $300m was used for this reason.

Chief Financial Officer of GM, Chuck Stevens said: “Obviously, the recall campaign charges in the first quarter overshadows the headline results, but if you look underneath that, we had strong performance across the board,”.

It was GM’s worse quarterly performance since their net loss after leaving bankruptcy protection in 2009.

GM had raised vehicle costs during this quarter, this helped boost operating profits by $1.8bn.

The car giant expected higher sales of more lucrative versions of its redesigned Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pick-up trucks, although this is mainly in North America. You can find more about new releases from GM and the New York Auto show by following Acklam Car Sales on twitter, we have been keeping you up-to-date on the latest releases coming out of the show.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra said: “The performance of our core operations was very strong this quarter, reflecting the positive response of customers to the new vehicles we are bringing to market,”.

Adding “Our focus remains on creating the world’s best vehicles with the highest levels of safety, quality and customer service, while aggressively addressing our business opportunities and challenges globally.”

During this quarter GM were also hit by a further charge of $419million. This was related to changes in the exchange rate GM uses for re-measuring the net assets of Venezuelan subsidiaries.

GM haven’t been the only car manufacturer hit by costs of faulty vehicles – Japanese manufacturer Toyota were also forced to recall 6.4 million vehicles due to faulty parts on their cars.

Acklam Car Centre sell plenty of cars manufactured by GM, but all of are cars are safety tested first so there are no problems. At Acklam Car Centre, we only offer quality cars at affordable prices.

It’s all About the Test Drive

When you’re looking to buy a second hand car, you need to make sure that it drives the way you want it to. That is why it’s essential that you take it for a spin before you sign on the dotted line. Thinking this, what do you need to know to make the most out of your test drive?
At Acklam Car Centre, we’re the experts when it comes to used cars; in fact we’ve grown to become one of the largest used car sales companies in the North-East of England. We even sell abroad! And we’re growing all the time. That means we know what you are looking for in your used car.
That’s why we know a thing or two about test driving; we’ve seen it so many times we could practically write a book on the subject. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your test drive experience, check out these top tips to making the most of taking your potential used car out for a spin…

  • Every Road Deserves its Turn: Take as long as you need and try the car on all types of road. There’s no point getting a car that only drives smooth on one type as it could damage your vehicle in the long term.
  • Comfort: If you’re going to be using this car to drive long distances, even commute every day, you need to make sure that you’re comfortable. How easily can you get in and out? Can you adjust the seat for maximum relaxation? Can you see everything clearly etc.
  • Space: How much space is there for you, your children and your stuff? Take the car out for a spin packed with all the things it’ll regularly fit so that you can see how its space potential holds up over long journeys.
  • Let it be Smooth: How smooth is your journey? You can measure this by feeling how bumpy the ride is and it’s another reason why you need to make sure you spend a while in that driver’s seat.
  • Every Day: Don’t do anything you wouldn’t otherwise do; drive as you would in your everyday life. Only this way can you measure how likely it is to hold up under the strain.
  • Drain the Battery: Make sure you switch on everything electrical. This will allow you see how likely the car is to last on a long journey; will the battery go flat if you turn the radio on? If the answer is yes, then you’ve avoided a potential nightmare!

Hopefully those few tips from Acklam Car Centre will help you come to a decision on your next test drive.

Most Common Car Accidents

No one expects a car accident, but they do happen. They are some of the leading causes of death and injury in this country. Acklam Car Centre investigates the top 5 most common car injuries that happen every day up and down the country.


The most common injury sustained in your car is whiplash. It is also known as connective tissue injury. The injury happens most often in cars but is also a common sports injury. Whiplash will cause a stiffness in your neck and back, and if not treated properly it could cause lasting issues. It is important you see a doctor if you think you have sustained whiplash.

Back Injuries

In car accidents there will usually be a violent motion where your body will move forward at the point of impact. This can cause injury to your back. Back injuries can vary, they can be soar for a few days or you can barely move. Your back is a very complicated part of your body, and if you think you have seriously injured it, you should definitely get it seen to by a professional in case there is anything that could cause lasting damage.


Concussion is the most common type of brain injury people experience. Concussions are usually not severe but if not treated they can be fatal. Concussion will usually invoke a drowsy sensation and mild head pain, but may also cause vomiting.

Spinal Cord

Damage to your spinal cord can lead to disability. As with all injuries sustained it is important you get them checked out to prevent any lasting damage. If you feel any numbness or tingling in any part of the body, you should go to hospital immediately.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are very common in car crashes, they don’t always result in a concussion. Bruises, superficial wounds and scratches are very common and will most likely result in a headache.

Other injuries such as broken bones, open wounds and post-traumatic stress disorder can also result after a car crash. It is recommended that if you have had ANY car crash you should go to the doctor to get checked out, even if you think it is nothing serious, just in case a major injury has been sustained. It is important to always drive safely and for all passengers to wear a seatbelt when driving (it’s the law). This will help prevent serious injury in the event of a crash.

Car Industry Gets Major Boost

It’s been revealed recently that the UK car industry has received a major cash injection from the government. What’s really going on here and what potential benefits could this bring for the UK car industry?

Here at the Acklam Car Centre showroom; one of the North East’s most trusted sellers of quality second cars, we understand the car industry. It’s like any other industry, and it somewhat relies on government goodwill. This is pretty much the ultimate exercise in government goodwill and we should all reap the benefits.

News sources have now announced that the government has provided, collectively, £31 million in funding to car companies based in the West Midlands region of the country. Specifically, eight companies will receive Regional Growth Fund money that has been dished out to create new jobs and aid the ongoing economic recovery. Industries across the board are in total getting over £300 million in cash via government investment in 50 national organisations.

The eight companies that are receiving this cash are all in the motor industry and it makes sense that the government is targeting this particular sector for job creation. We at Acklam Car Centre can attest to the amazing growth we’re seeing in this sector right now. Cars are just flying out of the lot.

That’s why the government it quite clearly targeting major car manufacturers and iconic names in the national motor industry. These notably include Aston Martin, Maier UK, Sertec and MTCE. All of these companies are major contributors to the regional and national economies and essential to UK car culture.

We see this through the fact that the government has come out and said that it expects this money to provide an additional 4,000 jobs in the West Midlands, which should improve the quality of life for many people in the region. The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce itself is going to award a £4 million grant as part of the scheme.

Sara Williams, Chief Executive of the business leaders association, was reported commenting on the issue by the BBC and how it’ll specifically help grow the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) car manufacture facility. Williams said that: “We’re seeing the growth of JLR in South Staffordshire and JCB is growing at a tremendous rate. The knock-on effect into the wider supply chain is really good to see.”

At Acklam Car Centre we see that the government is putting its trust and faith in the car industry to help this country recover from the recession. That is because the national car industry has never been hotter right now!